SQL Server Consulting

What's that you say? You need a custom database mastered but you've never even heard of Third Normal Form, it's okay we have. For many companies SQL Server replication means JumpStart Solutions. Our SQL Server certified staff have the skills to architect the replication of your SQL Server database. Save time replicating your Time Matters by letting us do it for you.
We Speak SQL Server So You Don't Have To.

Time Matters Add-Ons

Ever think "I only wish my Time Matters would...???" Who's to say it can't? Time Matters has what they call a DataLink (which is another way of saying software development kit). JumpStart Solutions has a redistributable license for the DataLink, meaning you don't have to buy the license. Whether you're looking to automate an everyday task or do a custom data conversion, we can help!
We Speak Time Matters Integration So You Don't Have To.

Custom Application Development

We understand that sometimes our clients need software that doesn't yet exist. Here at JumpStart we can assist you with the flushing out of an idea. We can take that idea and make something out of it. Something good, something that will fill your needs.
We Speak Software Development So That You Don't Have To.

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